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1         Cancellation

If the service is not terminated three month before the end of the yearly subscription, the contract is automatically extended by one year.

2       Settlement and maturity

Remuneration within the scope of the contract shall be made after invoicing and is due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Invoices are issued quarterly or yearly, as chosen by the customer.

3       Rights of use

It is not permitted for the customer to publish the raw data and results of this project or to pass them on to third parties. If the customer wishes to do so, he must obtain written permission from suena, which may be subject to a charge.

4       Disclaimer

The report delivered to the customer shall not be construed as a legal or financial opinion or advice. It is not intended for general solicitation, sale, public distribution, offer or publication.

Public information as well as industry and statistical data come from sources that suena considers reliable. However, suena assumes no warranty for the accuracy or completeness of this information.

suena assumes no duty of care or liability for damages and claims that may have arisen as a result of a decision made or not made based on the presented results or as a result of an action taken or not taken based on the performed analyses.

We reserve the right to refuse delivery of products to certain customers after verifying their information.


Contact Details:

Email: info[at]

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