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We are excited to share some of these stories with you through our partnership case studies.

Joining forces

Ørsted <> suena


In a world shifting rapidly to renewable energy, the collaboration between Ørsted and suena represents a beacon of innovation. By 2030, renewable energy is projected to account for over 30% of global electricity generation. Together, we're driving this energy transition by providing a bankable and efficient solution to integrate battery storage into short-term trading, optimizing renewable energy utilization.

Envision a world where every unit of energy is harnessed, optimized, and effortlessly shared - a world powered sustainably by renewable energy.

Collaboration Overview

  • How it began:  Ørsted is committed to partnering with innovative start-ups prepared to address the energy industry's challenges. Therefore, they launched a four-month open innovation programme in collaboration with Rockstart – a leading early stage VC accelerator – to identify the best solutions for a more sustainable future. The goal of this program is to support up to ten start-ups in their commercialization and growth by leveraging Ørsted's extensive network, capabilities, and resources.

  • What is it about: suena and Ørsted's collaboration aims to integrate battery energy storage into short-term trading, contributing to the renewable energy transition.

  • Duration: The collaboration encompasses two key stages each with a duration of approximatly 3 months.

  • Profit: increased efficiency and revenue of battery energy storage

Stages of the Collaboration

Benchmarking ("Paper Trading"):

  • Validate the effectiveness of our battery storage optimization software by performing a “benchmarking” analysis of the Carnegie Road battery storage system over a three-month period.

  • Perform simulations across various trading strategies, from wholesale to ancillary markets, uncovering transformative insights.

Preparation for Integration:

  • Identify the technical requirements for integrating suena’s optimization software with Ørsted's trading environment.

  • Specify the necessary technical interfaces to facilitate seamless integration.

Goal of the Collaboration

At the culmination of these two stages, our objective is clear: to conduct a feasibility study demonstrating that the optimization of Ørsted's battery assets, through our solution, reduces costs and increases revenues. We aim for a seamless integration of suena's optimizer into Ørsted's trading environment, enabling the automated optimization of Ørsted's battery storage. This integration should empowers Ørsted to make informed decisions, enhancing the efficiency and profitability of their battery assets. Together, our shared goal is to lead the way in commercial battery asset optimization.

Potential Follow-up

Live Trading (Pilot Project):

  • Implement automated and optimized trading for the Carnegie Road battery storage system across wholesale markets, ancillary services, and balancing markets in Great Britain.

Beyond the pilot project, we envision a future where Ørsted's battery energy storage is commercially optimized and traded.

The anticipated success of the pilot project will serve as a compelling case study, attracting additional clients and showcasing revenue opportunities for Ørsted.

Our collaboration aims to expand into emerging battery storage markets, leveraging suena's scalable solution in regions like Denmark, Germany, Spain, and beyond.

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